Travel Essentials Travel Tie Case, Black (17" X 6") with Cuff Link and Tie Clipsw

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Keep your ties organized and wrinkle free while traveling with this Travel Essential Tie Case. Convenient to fit in your suitcase or garment bag, this tie holder is great for the business traveler in your life.

The neck tie holder is constructed of a Nylon blend and has a padded inner lining to prevent ties from wrinkling.

Equipped with four elastic straps to hold your ties in place, this luggage accessory can comfortably hold up to 4 ties.

A zippered pouch attached to the spine inside the travel tie case is ideal for holding cuff links or tie clips.

The tie holder unzips to allow for quick and easy access of your accessories. A simple, convenient design with space to hold up to six ties make this

Tie Case perfect for packing your nicest ties for a business trip, keeping ties organized and wrinkle free, or safely storing your favorite family heirlooms.

Made of strong and lustrous ballistic Nylon
Cushioned lining prevents wrinkling
Button down Elastic straps hold ties in place.
Cufflinks and tie clips can be stored in Two convenient pouches.
Made of strong and lustrous ballistic Nylon.Tuff Guy is a register Trade Mark Of B&B Trading and sold exclusively by Capital Cookware.