All-clad Double Boiler Ceramic Insert with Lid for All-clad 2 qt Sauce pans

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The All-clad Ceramic Double boiler Insert will fit all.... ALL-clad series 2-qt sauce pans including. Copper Core, D5, MC2, LTD, C4,C2 .. Please Note: The All-clad Double Boiler will come with its own lid due to the All-clad Cooper Core, D5, MC2, LTD, C2, and C4 all have rolled rims/edges.

1½-quart double boiler insert to melt chocolate or make cream-based desserts and sauces.

The ceramic insert delivers heat slowly and gently, preventing scorching or separating of delicate ingredients.

It’s also ideal for reheating foods since the insert provides a cushion against high heat that might change consistency or flavo