All-Clad Stainless-Steel BBQ 17-inch Basting Brush

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Condition, Factory Second: Cookware will have a 1% superficial scratch mark on the exterior of the pan. An item in excellent, new condition shipped in a non-retail carton with warranty.
Seller Notes: “Capital Cookware is an Authorized All-clad Dealer. All open stock All-clad cookware is considered a Factory Second due to being sold in a non-retail carton. All-clad cookware that Capital Cookware offers will have the All-clad Engraving on the bottom of the pan. All-clad products sold by Capital Cookware carry the All-clad lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects.”

All-Clad Stainless-Steel BBQ 17-inch Basting Brush

BBQ is food for all occasions. Whether you’re celebrating the home run in the last inning or a graduation from your favorite school, your best bet is to enjoy a big juicy turkey with potato salad, cheesy corn, and more. So, for all those meats and other foods, use the BBQ Basting Brush by All-Clad to get them basted just right. For grilling, the most simple of tools are oftentimes the most useful, like this basting brush. It takes hardly any effort to simply smother foods in butter, oil, or whatever with a tool such as this. The length allows you to do all this and remain a good distance away from getting your hands dirty. Even cleaning the brush is simple: wash it by hand in the sink or in a good spot in the dishwasher for a quick cycle. With barbecue, it’s good to go all in. So, go with All-Clad and the BBQ Basting Brush, one such tool capable of dealing with many foods.

All-Clad Stainless Steel BBQ Basting Brush Features:

  • Natural bristles
  • Good, firm grip
  • Generous length
  • Extra long handle
Shipped in Non-retail box with warranty card. 
Lifetime warranty against defects. 
We buy our inventory directly from All-clad. 
We have sold Thousands of  Open Stock All-clad pieces.
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Capital Cookware is an Authorized All-clad Dealer