Rowenta DW5192 Pro Steam 1750-Watt Anti-Calc 400 Hole Stainless Steel Sole Plate

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Rowenta Certified Remanufactured Irons. Comes with One year Warranty.
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All Rowenta Certified remanufactured irons are new never used. They're considered remanufactured due to having
A small scratch mark on the iron.

Rowenta Pro Steam 1750 watt iron provides perfect ironing even in the most hard-to-reach areas. This easy-to-maneuver iron features a high-precision tip and smart control settings for better agility, and unique patented Microsteam 400 soleplate technology.

ABSOLUTE PRECISION: A high precision profiled tip gets you perfect ironing results down to the last detail. It also allows for easy access to difficult areas such as edges seams and collars.

POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: A powerful steam boost perfectly creases out stubborn wrinkles specifically on dry and thick fabrics. The unique patented Microsteam 350 solelpate technology with 400 micro holes diffuses the steam perfectly.

SAFETY AUTO-OFF: The iron is automatiacally put on on standby mode when left unattended. After 8 minutes when left on its heel, and after 30 seconds when left resting on the soleplate or its side. This prevents energy waste and risk of burning EASY

VERTICAL STEAMING: Steaming of delicate and large garments is made easy with the vertical steam feature. Ideal for getting creases out of suits and other hanging garments, even curtains.

LONG LASTING PERFORMANCE: Long-Lasting Performance The integrated anti calc prevents scale from aggregating into the iron, while the anti calc setting maintains steam performance and ironing results over time.